Sin City Anime prides itself on personably selected staff that embody customer service, inclusion, and entertainment.

Below you can find how to join our team, and soon more information on our established staff members!

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Our mission is to create an anime convention that represents the Las Vegas valley, brings together fans from all over the states, and delivers unique care and entertainment.

Out system is built upon three values: Entertainment, Inclusion, and Guest Hospitality. 
Our staff is here for the dream, there are staff that have worked with Vegas cons for many years, and there are staff completely new to the industry. What unites us all is our dream to grow into the greatest anime convention of all time, one that our community deserves, fitting of Las Vegas.


Our Team is focused on providing the greatest entertainment event for anime in the Las Vegas Valley. All of our content is created with the intent of making the most fun for our attendees.  Sin City Anime will be a unforgettable experience, with something to do for everyone, all ages, all types.


Our attitude towards each other and our guests will reflect love and friendship, and our attendees will naturally feel invited to join in the fun. Everyone is included, and everyone is protected in all respects of being at our convention.  Sin City Anime is sanctuary for the Anime Fandom.


We hold pride in our knowledge of customer service coming from Las Vegas work force, we stand out compared to conventions in other states because we hold high value in our guest. Our team works hard to provide a safe environment for all its Guests, and all its staff are empowered to provide the highest level of customer care available

The Sin City Anime Volunteer and Staff system are intertwined in a teamwork focused environment that delivers great service with excellent care to all of our guests. The distinction from Staff and Volunteer is based on two things: the individuals scope of work time, and responsibility level of the position. Gauge yourself on the level of time and effort you want or can commit to the team as you answer and fill out this form. 

There are several levels of compensation for volunteering and staffing with us, all depending on level and commitment which include: compensated badge(s), lunch meal(s) each day of the convention, staff parking spot, special access events, hotel lodging, SCA swag, and more to be announced. None of the compensation is guaranteed, but will be agreed upon by SCA owners and the applicant upon volunteer/staff agreement.

Upon acceptance at our discretion, you will receive an email detailing next steps which include: interview session(online or in person), training days, team preparation days, and some celebratory events as well.

You must be at least 16+ years old by the date of our convention to volunteer.
You must be at least 18+ years old to staff for our convention.

Sin City Anime utilizes a strong interwoven team of Staff and Volunteers to prepare and operate the anime convention.