Las Vegas, Nevada

375 E. Harmon

Las Vegas, NV 89169



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Alexis Park all Suite Resort
Sin City Anime is taking place at our classic roots location. If you have not stayed at Alexis before, we highly suggest it! Your experience definitely multiplies with the convenience, jam-packed-room fun, and cosplay accessibility.
Booking a suite for (2) or more Nights at Alexis Park will come with (2) compensated Full-3Day badges!
How to get two Free Badges w/ Hotel
  1. Use the Portal taking you to Alexis Park hotel accommodations, choose your suites, choose your dates, and book! Make sure you book at least two nights!
  2. This puts you on a list that Sin City Anime and Alexis Park access on the convention dates!
  3. Arrive at con Thursday November 19th to the registration table in the main lobby. Check in with your government issues ID, and receive your badges!

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