Sin City Anime Exhibitors

Our 2022 Exhibitor Hall is open for pre-application!

Use the application link below to start the process now.

Artist Tables have already filled for this year, but vendor booths are still open!

For questions and concerns please contact

Exhibitor Hall Rules, Terms, Conditions, and Policies

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Exhibitor Set-up Times:

-THURSDAY 11/17/22   -   12pm-10pm
-FRIDAY 11/18/22   -   10am-12pm

-SATURDAY 11/19/22   -   10am-12pm

-SUNDAY 11/20/22   -   8am to 10am

-There will be scheduled dock times for large vendors to bring in their product and set-up. 30 minutes-1 hour time slots will be allotted to these request times.

Exhibitor Hall hours:
-FRIDAY 11/18/22  -  12pm-8pm

-SATURDAY 11/19/22  -  12pm-8pm

-SUNDAY 11/20/22  -  10am-6pm

Vendor Booth Info:

Vendor Booth space is approximately 10'x10' and includes: ​

  • (2) tables, (2) chairs, table coverings (no skirting), (2) exhibitor passes.

  • Sin City Anime sells up to (4) booths per registered business to widen opportunity and create diversity in the Exhibitor Hall.

Artist Alley Table Info: 

Artist Alley spaces are approximately 8'x6' large and include:

  • (1) table, (2) chairs, table coverings (no skirting), (2) exhibitor passes. 

  • Sin City Anime sells (1) table per artist to widen opportunity and create diversity in the Exhibitor Hall.

Exhibitors have access to hotel package deals with Sin City Anime, and these details will be discussed via email and booked according to date preferences. Exhibitors will need to provide a credit card at check-in for the security deposit. Exhibitors are responsible for their own rooms and any extra room charges applied to the room (room service, etc.).

General Rules

  • All exhibitors are partners with Sin City Anime, and are treated with great care. Exhibitors are expected to reflect this respect to all staff, volunteers, attendees, and fellow exhibitors throughout the convention.

  • Due care of the facility is expected of all exhibitors. Trash cans will be available throughout the facility.

  • Vendors must be at least 18 years of age or older to purchase a booth at Sin City Anime.

  • Exhibitors are to refrain from taping, nailing, or adhering ANY signage or material to any hotel/venue wall, door or surface. This results in possible fines and fees from our venue.

  • Vendors who do not check in by 1 pm on Day 1 will forfeit their booth and will not be offered a refund. Vendors who are running late or anticipate being unable to check in by that time should contact the Vendor Director at

  • By participating in Sin City Anime's Exhibitor Hall, vendors must allow official Sin City Anime photographers and videographers to photograph/record their booths and likeness throughout the convention.


Product Limitations

  • Unofficial merchandise, or bootleg merchandise, is not allowed at Sin City Anime. Vendors are asked to keep any such products out of the convention space at all times. Vendors who are found to be selling or displaying bootleg merchandise will be given one warning to remove the product(s) from the convention space. If the vendor is found to be selling or displaying bootleg products a their booth a second time, they will be asked to stop sales immediately and will be given 2 hours to pack and remove their materials from the convention space and will not be given a refund.

  • 18+ mature content may be sold in the exhibit hall ONLY if the product/slogans/brands are covered from view from standard attendees. Exhibitors will have to require ID from attendees to view and sell their 18+ product to them. Sin City Anime does feature an 18+ area with select artist and vendors who primarily sell NSFW content.

  • H-Lounge exhibitors are required to have opaque (non-clear) bags for all purchases. Bag must completely cover all merchandise purchased, as attendees may not take out any “M” rated materials in any other areas of the convention.

  • No food of any kind is allowed to be sold or given away at the convention. This includes prepackaged food and drinks.

  • Products that have a strong odor must be in an odor-concealing package. Vendors will be asked to remove any products that produce strong odors in the exhibit hall.

  • Vendors selling weapons must check IDs to ensure that only attendees ages 18+ are allowed to handle and/or purchase weapons. All weapons sold must be boxed, and the attendee must be informed that they are required to then take the box out of the convention space back to their cars or hotels. 

Table Rules
Vendors will be charged for any damages done to their table.

Vendors may not move their assigned tables or switch tables with other vendors without consent from the Exhibit Hall Director.

Overhead displays may not be taller than 8 feet above the ground.

Vendors are expected to keep walkways clear between booths to allow attendees to walk freely around the exhibit hall.

Any music played in a booth must appropriate for all ages and must be at an appropriate volume that will not disturb other vendors.

Flammable products are not allowed per the hotel fire code.

Electricity can be purchased for a one-time fee of $125 per vendor (regardless of how many booths are purchased).

Hotel Security will close and lock the doors to the Exhibitor Hall after designated breakdown times after closing of exhibitor hall. Sin City Anime LLC is not liable for any loss or damage of products.

It is recommended for exhibitors to take their money boxes and any high-priced items with them when they leave.

For any security-related issues during the show, exhibitors should contact for immediate action.


Lizzie Freeman - Morgan Berry - Brandon Winckler    1
RinRin Doll - RIsa Light    2
Kamikaze fresno    3, 4
Eli Ebberts - Otaku Dreams Cafe    5
Morgan Berry    6
Kamikaze Fresno    7, 8    17
Pam's Fabrication Station | salemune    18
Ivory Ice    19
Stitchcraft & Wizardry    20
TrendZ    21
Manhua Studios    22
Hideaway Melon    23
Bishounen Boutique/ Jidou Art Studio    24, 25
Super Effective    26, 27
ToraPop    28
PhilthyTurtle    34
Bucket Art    35
Dr. Tozi    36
Anime Books    37
Art by Kino    38
Starling Skies    39
Anime Books    41
Las Vegas Weiss Schwarz    44
the nine tails    45
YuzuFever & rizusabi    46
Decaying Tiger - Rex VanCandy - Gerry Trevino    48
Otaku Kuruma    49
@indiglogirl    50



Kitty Flower Art    1

Dragon Wyck Embroidery    2
Alexianne    3
Chim Arts    4
MewMalDeco    5, 6
Inchells    7
Jax Nguyen    8
Katt McAdam    9
Blu3 Creations    10
Superlens & pandailee    11
Fran and King Kuma    12,
Fire Marshall Reassigned ------ 13, 14
Rebbybear and Mochijam    15
Alyruku and Mynameiseyyyyyy    16
withstarlikewords    17
To The Sunnyside    18
InjuredDreams    20
NeSagii Cosplays & Crafts    21
G21MM    22
Natalie Slaughter    23
Pinky and Haru    25


Wicked Rain Studio    26
CherubGem's Art    27
Squish Sisters    28
x3Dustco    29
Basketcase    30
NekomimiPUNKS    31
Cargodin    32
Sofia Ruhr    33
wogglebugg    34
OnjArt    35
CMC Stone Jewelry    36
Andre Braxton    38
Rosariolop83    39
BunMuffin    40
Maeca Art    41
Artsy Engineers    42, 43
Earth Pals / Phruit Basket    44
KokonaKamelot    45
Naitsukiidraws    46
The Moka Mart    47
Toxickatt    48