November 19th-21st 2021 

Make sure to read through our terms and conditions before you purchase. Everyone who attends Sin City Anime is expected to follow these rules

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Crowd Shots

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FULL 3-DAY Badge

Ages 16 and up
Full Access to convention areas: 
(age exclusions apply)


Friday  $25

Saturday $30
Sunday  $25


For Ages 7-15, add on with guardian's full 3 attendee badge. Full access to convention areas alongside guardian supervision.

Guardian must register their Info in the online registration form.

*children 6 and under are free!



(1) FULL 3-DAY Badge

Full access to all convention areas (age exclusions apply)

Sponsored SCA Aparrel

Sponsored SCA Swag Bag

Priority Entry/Seating for Main Events

Priority Participation in Games/Events

1.Diverse 13,000 square foot Exhibitor Hall: 
-Vendor Booths and Artist Tables selling anime merchandise, artwork, and apparel.

2.Program Entertainment at all hours of the Day!​
-Main Event Stage for large seated events like the cosplay masquerade.
-Performance Hall for consorts, dances, gatherings like Jekyll * Renove Japanese Rock consort.
-18+ Comedy, features, and entertainment.
-Vast array of Sponsored and Fan panels. 

3. Video Game/TCG Free Play and Tournaments
-Console Systems, Retro Systems, Arcade Machines: Dragon Ball FighterZ, Tekken 7, Smash Ultimate, SFV, Guilty Gear, etc.
-TCG Tables: Pokemon TCG, Yu-Gi-Oh, Weiss Shwarz, Magic, etc.

4. Special Guest Features 
-Voice Actors from anime, TV, and video games.
-Cosplay Guests with various talents hosting different program features and panels.
-Online guests from various outlets: Youtube, Twitch, Instagram, bloggers, etc. 
-Industry guests and organizations that support the fandoms.

5. A place to create out of this world experiences with new and old friends!
- Sin City Anime brings a cozy convention feel with the hotel resort setting.
- Our team culture encourages inclusion, judgment free celebration of  the fandoms we love together!
- Enjoy 3 days of straight anime fandom with the Las Vegas anime community and more!
Children 6 and under are free to attend Sin City Anime with guardian supervision.
Attendees 7-15 must have an 18+ guardian purchase a Full 3 day badge and the Hero package add on to pre register online.


-Children unattended wandering the convention halls

-Security issues with lost children. 

SCA Staff and Security should focus on keeping a secure and entertaining environment for everyone and we should do our part to remain responsible and supervise our young ones. Lets do our best to provide a unforgettable positive and safe experience for our children.


-the registration information filled out by the guardian will be used as our security reference for children pre registered online

The child's name will be recorded and attached to the guardian's file on day of preregistration days. Hero badges are distinquishable from normal attendee badges and will raise alarm with security when not accompanied by an apparent guardian.