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Welcome to Sin City Anime 2023 Registration page!
November 3rd-5th, held at the Gold Coast
4000 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89103

Make sure to read through our terms and conditions before you register.
Everyone who attends Sin City Anime is held responsible to follow these rules.

Attendees 7-15 must have an 18+ guardian purchase a Hero Badge for them, which must be added-on to a registering adult purchasing a Three-Day badge online.
Children 6 and under are free to attend Sin City Anime with guardian supervision.


3-Day Badges

$45 January - March
$50 April- July
$55 August - October

Squad Pack
(4) 3-day badges
$160 January - March
$180 April- July
$200 August - October

VIP Pack (3-day)
(Shirt + Merch, Early Access, buffs)
$70 January - March
$75 April- July
$80 August - October

Family Pack
(2) 3-day badges, (3) Hero badges
$110 January - March
$135 April- July
$160 August - October

Hero Badges (3-day)
(ages 6-15)
$15 January - March
$20 April- July
$25 August - October

$55 Friday/Saturday
$55 Saturday/Sunday

$40 Friday Only
$45 Saturday Only
$40 Sunday

At the doors,  the 3-day badge options (3-day badges, VIP pack, Hero badges, Squad pack, and Family pack) will all increase by $10!

Here are some things you can to expect with your 3-day Attendee badge!

1.Diverse 13,000 square foot Exhibitor Hall: 
-Vendor Booths and Artist Tables selling anime merchandise, artwork, and apparel.

-Industry booths representing media companies, anime industry groups, other conventions, and other community based organizations

2.Program Entertainment at all hours of the Day!​
-Main Event Stage for large seated events like the Cosplay Competition, Lip Sync for your Cosplay, and 
-Musical and Dance Performances by various artists and bands.

-Ballroom Dance and Rave with DJs.
-18+ Comedy show, features, and other entertainment.
-Vast array of sponsored games and fan submitted panels. 

3. Video Game/TCG Free Play and Tournaments
-Console Systems, Retro Systems, Arcade Machines
-Console Tournaments: Dragon Ball FighterZ, Tekken 7, Smash Ultimate, Street Fighter V, Guilty Gear, etc.
-Trading Card Game Tables: Pokemon TCG, Yu-Gi-Oh, Weiss Schwarz, Magic: The Gathering, etc.

4. Special Guest Features 
-Voice Actors from anime, TV, and video games.
-Cosplay Guests with various program feature events.

-Fashion Guests representing multiple genres and hosting their own show.
-Online guests from various outlets: YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, etc.
-Industry guests and Influencers that support the fandoms.

5. A place to create out-of-this-world experiences with new and old friends!
- Sin City Anime brings a cozy convention atmosphere with a hotel resort setting.
- Our convention culture encourages inclusion and judgment-free celebration of the fandoms we love together!
- Enjoy 3 days straight of fandom with the Las Vegas anime community and more!

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