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SCA Mascot: Cherri

A Las Vegas local who is 22 years old, but with her baby face she will most likely get carded at every casino until she's 40. Young, spunky, energetic but down to chill, Cherri is Sin City Anime's original mascot representing the theme and vibe of our convention event. 

Cherri ties together hints of Las Vegas culture with a kawaii / lo-fi aesthetic as her base inspiration. She embodies the youth of Las Vegas, as a relatable young girl who loves attending anime events. At conventions there are several places you can find her: playing TCG in the game hall with her friends, shopping for kawaii apparel and plushies in the exhibitor hall, learning about the craft with her favorite voice actor's panels, performing her hip-hop styled skit for the masquerade, or rocking and raving at the late night dance. 

Cherri is a creative soul, and loves to coordinate her outfits and cosplay to the theme of the times. In future years of Sin City Anime, we will take on different themes and alongside us, Cherri will cosplay and represent us with her creative outfits. 

Our beautiful mascot concept was commissioned and created by the artist HideawayMelon!

Our second year edition of Cherri was created by Dustco!!

Our third year edition of Cherri was created by Belindraw!!!


Sin City Anime is a Las Vegas anime convention that celebrates anime, Japanese culture, video games, cosplay, and most all fandoms surrounding those.
Learn more about us below and feel free to contact us!

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Anime Club


If you are in a school club like Anime, Japanese, or Key club, we will sponsor your club with free badges!

Have your club leader or a parent guardian fill out this form to apply for club sponsorship. We offer up to (5) hero badges for ages 7-15, and (2) three day badges for the club leader or parental guardian. For ages 16 and up, we offer a limited set of $30 three day badges to purchase on top of the complimentary (2) for the club leader or parental guardian. We will reach out via email to confirm and set up the badge registration. Depending on the scenario, these complimentary rates could change, it will come down to communication after filling out this form.

Please prepare a list of names/ year of birth of each club member and leader/guardian, when we reach out we will need this to setup the online registration of each member.

The Contact email must be an official email showing representation of school/club.

If you have any questions before hand, you can email our executive team at



Our mission is to create an anime convention that represents the Las Vegas valley, brings together fans from all over the world, and delivers unique care and entertainment.

Out system is built upon three values: Entertainment, Inclusion, and Guest Hospitality. We have staff that have worked with Las Vegas conventions for many years and staff that are completely new to the industry. What unites us all is our dream to grow into the greatest anime convention of all time, one that our community deserves.


Our Team is focused on providing the greatest entertainment event for anime in the Las Vegas Valley. All of our content is created with the intent of making the most fun for our attendees.  Sin City Anime will be a unforgettable experience, with activities for everyone.


Our attitude towards each other and our guests will reflect love and friendship, and our attendees will naturally feel invited to join in the fun. Everyone is included, and everyone is protected in all respects at our convention.  Sin City Anime is a sanctuary for the anime fandom.


We hold pride in our knowledge of customer service. Coming from the Las Vegas work force, we stand out compared to conventions in other states because of our experience in guest hospitality. Our team works hard to provide a safe environment for all its guests, and all its staff are empowered to provide the highest level of customer care possible. 

Saff and voluntee

The Sin City Anime Volunteer and Staff system are intertwined in a teamwork-focused environment that delivers great service with excellent care to all of our guests. The distinction from Staff and Volunteer is based on two things: the individuals scope of work time, and responsibility level of the position. Gauge yourself on the level of time and effort you want or can commit to the team as you answer and fill out this form. 

There are several levels of compensation for volunteering and staffing with us, all depending on level and commitment which include: compensated badge(s), provided meal(s) each day of the convention, staff parking spot, special access events, hotel lodging, SCA swag, and more to be announced. None of the compensation is guaranteed, but will be agreed upon by SCA owners and the applicant upon volunteer/staff agreement.

Upon acceptance at our discretion, you will receive an email detailing next steps which include: interview session (online or in person), training days, team preparation days, and some celebratory events as well.

You must be at least 16+ years old by the date of our convention to volunteer.
You must be at least 18+ years old to staff for our convention.

Are you interested in joining our experience as Staff/Volunteers?
Read below and fill out the form for your shot at an interview with our executive team.

Contact Us

For general inquiries and questions about
Sin City Anime event, email:

For inquiries dealing with special guests, hosting, musicians and performers for 2023, email:

Vendors and Artists should navigate to the "Exhibitors" tab on the top selection of the page.

Contact us
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