Sin City Anime 2022 guest roster updates are coming in hot! Check out who we are working with for this year's event!


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Tea Party 78
Tea Party 78

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As we prepare for our 2022 event we would love to hear your feedback and suggestions for guests to bring to our convention experience.
Please use the link below to give us your thoughts!
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Chris Patton

Chris Patton has been voice acting in Anime and Video Games for over twenty years.
Some of his best known roles are Oikawa in Haikyuu!!, Linhardt in the entire Fire Emblem franchise, Hajime in the now-infamous Ghost Stories dub, Eiji in SAO: Ordinal Scale and Alicization, Turles in the Dragonball Z universe, and Greed in FMA/Brotherhood.
Recently, he’s voiced roles in Sasaki+Miyano (Kagiura), Scarlet Nexus (Kagero), and My Dress Up Darling, FFVII remake, and Genshin Impact.

Some of his other favorite roles include Ayato Sakamaki in Diabolik Lovers, Run in Akame Ga Kill, Fakir in Princess Tutu, and Sousuke in Full Metal Panic.
All in all, he’s voiced over 250 Anime, dozens of games, and has narrated over 130 Audiobooks.

He lives in Long Beach, California, where he spends his free time reading voraciously, drinking coffee, and riding roller coasters.
This is his first time appearing at a Las Vegas convention, and he’s very excited for Sin City Anime!

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Ghost Girl
GHOST GiRL GOODS is a kawaii and Harajuku fashion inspired clothing brand from Toronto, Canada. They work closely with the following Japanese brands 6%DOKIDOKI, NUEZZZ, and HYPER CORE and have done various collaborations with them. The brand slogan “BE STRANGE. FEAR THE NORM.” encourages others to fear blending in and let their true colours shine, no matter how bright they are! A collection of fun characters reside in GHOST GiRL HQ, which include the 5 monsters who you may even see on various products.

The GGG dynamic duo is looking forward to visiting Sin City Anime for the first time and hopes you enjoy their colourful fashion, hype energy, and fun panels!  


Juvanixx Project

Ju, Novan, and Vixx are a cosplay group of three known as Juvanixx! This trio is simply obsessed with Vocaloid and have been hard core fans of the Japanese virtual singers since 2010.

They took up cosplay over nine years ago and have grown a passion for not only making their own costumes, but dancing in them as well! Their YouTube Channel is just full of Vocaloid dance covers, as well as some original choreography, but it doesn't stop there! They love learning anything and everything about the art of cosplay. Some other passions of theirs include photography, filmography, wig styling, set design, graphic design, and prop making.

They're excited to be performing at Sin City Anime and hope to see and meet some fellow Vocaloid enthusiasts! They will also be the judges for the cosplay masquerade!


Dobutsu Lounge

Dobutsu is an event-based, late-night lounge group. Dobutsu has been providing entertainment for AZ-based conventions since 2013, and is open to local events and southwestern cons. Come join us for a night of fun and entertainment with games, drinks, and our talented ladies and gentlemen!

Follow their social media to keep up with the latest events and announcements!

Jez Roth

Cirque du Soleil. Celebrities. One Piece. EDC. Red Carpets. School of Cosplay. After many years of competing at anime convention masquerades, winning Best in Show 17 times with tailored costumes and heavily choreographed skits, he moved to Las Vegas to work for The Venetian designing the Opera Gowns. Eventually he landed at Cirque du Soleil’s water spectacular O building costumes.

Since leaving Cirque, he has worked freelance out of his own studio – creating everything from mermaids that shoot water, to Mirrorball Men, and Golden Fairies that contort through the air. Jez has designed for events with A-list celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Eva Langoria, Snoop Dogg, and DJs such as Benny Benassi, and Dash Berlin; his jewelry has even been worn on the red carpet at the Billboard Awards.

He has represented the United States at the IOEA Otaku Expo in Japan as a Cosplay Guest, and also helped choose the Canadian World Cosplay Summit representative for 2016. He believes that the world of costuming is an endlessly fascinating pursuit - from armor to gowns, giant puppetry to monsters. He shares unique events that educate and involve the community (such as Lip Sync For Your Cosplay and PROJECT: Cosplay!) and has restructured and organized cosplay events for conventions in his goal to make the competition scene more streamlined. His artistic journey came full circle in 2015 when he was hired as an Artistic Consultant for the One Piece: Gold film, working with Toei Animation to give their film a fully realized Las Vegas feel. In 2018 he was hired by Right Stuf Anime to create the Official Brand Costumes for animes Aria and Emma.

In Winter 2019 he launched GamerVsTailor, a studio that not only doubled as an online race pitting the Gamer vs the Cosplayer to see who could finish first in a variety of races, but as the first SCHOOL OF COSPLAY located in Las Vegas. There teachers instruct sewing, make-up, props, weapons, wig building, and much more.

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DJ Bitesize

Bitesize is a Pinay DJ from the Bay Area. Starting at 17 years old, Bitesize owned a pair of turntables and a mixer which then began her -turntablism and mixing- DJ journey.

Bitesize is a two-time DJ battle champion in the local Bay Area scene. She rocks numerous venues in the Bay from SF to SJ to LA and even out of state. Her sound is a mixture of new school to old school while adding flavors of all genres you can vibe and dance to - with some turntablism tricks and scratches.

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DJ Maddox

DJ Maddox is an multi-genre artist that has performed for several anime conventions back up North in Washington and Oregon. He makes his new home here in Las Vegas, you can find him performing all around the valley. He performed in 2019's Sabakon anime convention at Alexis Park, and he rocked the house for several hours. Of course there's top 40, but DJ Maddox makes it a point to take the crowd through a journey into the unknown regions of music. Unheard-of genres will blow your socks off; do not hesitate to ask what's playing.

You can also find Maddox rocking several online games on his stream. Mainly tackling the first-person shooters and Battle Royales, you can find him having fun on several PC games. Follow the link below to find his stream.