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Stay up to date and follow our feed to see the guest announcements rolling out for this 2023 year!

Please use the link below to give us your suggestions, and if you ARE a professional convention guest of honor, fill our our application form to submit your info.

Main Performing Guests


ACME is a visual kei band that formed in 2017 consisting of DIV vocalist CHISA and guitarist SHOGO, former ARTEMA drummer HAL, and bassist RIKITO.

The name of the band means “the vertex of evolution” and the band concept is “Delinquent boys from another world”. Well known for their post-hardcore and metalcore sound, ACME are a staple in the visual kei scene.

Their first mini-album release in August of 2017, “SENKOU”, sold out first press copies nationwide. ACME’s second single release “ROTTEN ORANGE” also had the track “CALL MY NAME” featured in the movie “Namae no nai onna tachi: Usotsuki Onna,” starring Mitsuru Fukikoshi.

At Anime Expo 2018 in LA, CHISA walked the Anime Expo Fashion Show runway for Harajuku fashion designers KINGLYMASK, LISTEN FLAVOR, and HYPER CORE. ACME made their overseas debut performance at Anime Milwaukee 2019 and returned in June of that year at A-Kon in Dallas. ACME has held tours in 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023 across North America, performing at music venues, anime conventions, and showcase events with notable American and Japanese acts.


2023 Master of Ceremonies

Ghost Girl

Ghost Girl Goods

GHOST GIRL GOODS is a kawaii and Harajuku fashion inspired clothing brand from Toronto, Canada. They work closely with the following Japanese brands 6%DOKIDOKI, NUEZZZ, and HYPER CORE and have done various collaborations with them. The brand slogan “BE STRANGE. FEAR THE NORM.” encourages others to fear blending in and let their true colours shine, no matter how bright they are! A collection of fun characters reside in GHOST GiRL HQ, which include the 5 monsters who you may even see on various products.

The GGG dynamic duo is looking forward to visiting Sin City Anime for the first time and hopes you enjoy their colourful fashion, hype energy, and fun panels!  

image (1).png

2023 Voice Actors

Anairis Quinones

Born in FL and now living in Los Angeles, Anairis Quiñones is a voice actor best known for voicing Mirko in My Hero Academia, Nessa in Pokemon: Twilight Wings, Kimberly in Street Fighter 6, Yelena in Attack on Titan, and
Rika in Jujutsu Kaisen 0. You can also hear them in cartoons like Craig of the Creek and Rainbow High, or other video games like Fire Emblem: Heroes and New Pokemon Snap. If she's not acting, she's playing (and hoarding) indie games like Undertale and Hollow Knight, loving on her pets (two cats and a pupper!), enjoying the outdoors, or baking yummy sweets. Anairis is also a writer and director, and a strong advocate for diversity and mental health.

Anairis Quinones - Headshot 2.png

Landon Mcdonald

Landon McDonald is a professional voice actor best known for playing the villainous dream demon
Enmu in the record-breaking blockbuster DEMON SLAYER: KIMETSU NO YAIBA: MUGEN TRAIN, the
maniacal mangaka Rohan Kishibe in the acclaimed JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE spin-off series THUS
SPOKE KISHIBE ROHAN, the snack-happy super sleuth Ranpo Edogawa in BUNGO STRAY DOGS and
the brooding, blood-bending s
orcerer Noritoshi Kamo in JUJUTSU KAISEN. individual.

Landon McDonald Headshot 1.jpg

Casey Mongillo

Casey is a voice actor, gamer and musician based in Southern California. They are most known for playing the role of Shinji Ikari in the 2019 Netflix dub of “Neon Genesis Evangelion”, as well as Angel Devil in "Chainsaw Man", Emporio in "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean", Scorbunny, Raboot, Cinderace, Raichu, and Chrysa in “Pokemon Journeys”, and Nahobino / Protagonist in "Shin Megami Tensei V".
Some of their other roles include Sho Suzuki in “Mob Psycho 100”, Young Mikey and Young Takemichi in "Tokyo Revengers", Ehou Norimaki in "Boruto", Floofty Fizzlebean in “Bugsnax”, Allister in “Pokemon: Twilight Wings”, Nicol Amalfi in “Gundam Seed” (NYAV Post dub), Sandboy in “Miraculous Ladybug”, and Zoe, Hex & Milo in “Monster Prom”. They have also provided additional voices for games such as Red Dead Redemption, Elder Scrolls Online, Shenmue III, Grand Theft Auto, Need for Speed and many more. Additionally, Casey is the producer and voice of Bakuryu in the Bloody Roar II Redub Project. Casey enjoys skateboarding, video games, music, and Japanese curry.

Casey Mongillo_headshot.jpg

2023 Cosplay Guests

Hamu Cotton

Hamu Cotton is a cosplay performer Youtuber based in the So-Cal area. On her Youtube channel, she combines her favorite hobbies and passions—dancing, performing, singing, makeup, and film—to bring her favorite anime characters to life! Every week, she uploads a new self-choreographed dance, popular dance cover, song cover, or makeup tutorial. Come see Hamu Cotton at Sin City Anime!

星街すいせい (1).JPG


Afrococoapuffs’ cosplay journey started in June of 2020 and it has been a very exciting experience between meeting new cosplay friends, beginning a music career as a nerdcore rap artist, and gaining much support to continue her work.
Afro has had the pleasure of performing on stage at different con events in multiple states, uplifting and entertaining cosplayers from all backgrounds. Her slogan “She Gon Be Black Today”©, based on one of her viral TikTok videos, has been sung repeatedly on multiple social media platforms by loving nerdy fans who all agree that ‘cosplaying is for everyone’.



Sixth_Raikage_6 has been into anime and all things nerd ever since he can remember. Starting his amazing cosplay journey in 2019, he is a cosplayer based in Charlotte, NC. In 2021 Raikage started a cosplay group called Nerd.0. This group's goal is to bring like-minded nerds into a safe and positive community. Through his years of cosplaying, he has developed an amazing skill for foam building and has gone on to be a 2x cosplay contest winner, 3x cosplay judge, 2x con guest, and 8x cosplay magazine entry. His main goal in cosplay is to bring positivity and spread joy in the cosplay world! Don't miss out on meeting such an amazing individual.


2023 Fashion Guests

The Plushie Vixen

Micky Moon The Plushie Vixen is an Alternative Net Idol and community builder who has had a passion for kawaii fashion since 2009. Based in Metro Detroit, Micky is a soft girl who likes to take outfit pics, stream cozy games, make inspirational videos, do graphic design, and host fun events all with a cute aesthetic vibe~! Micky's dream is to inspire people of all races, sizes, ages, weights, and hair textures to enjoy cute aesthetics and wear kawaii fashion. In 2014 she started the page and hashtag "Kawaii Black Girls" which has helped not only inspire and uplift many black girls in the cosplay/kawaii community, but also help create more representation for black girls in those communities as well. Now, with the creation of #kawaiiblackgirlsIRL, she can bring even more inspiration and representation into the real world. Micky's dream is to spread the ideology that "Anyone can enjoy cuteness" all over the world!


2023 18+ Guests


Dobutsu Lounge

Dobutsu is an event-based, late-night lounge group. Dobutsu has been providing entertainment for AZ-based conventions since 2013, and is open to local events and southwestern cons. Come join us for a night of fun and entertainment with games, drinks, and our talented ladies and gentlemen!

Follow their social media to keep up with the latest events and announcements!


2023 Industry Guests

Sumuji Cafe

We are Sumuji Cafe! A fruit themed maid cafe based out of Arizona! Traveling all the way to Sin City in order to present the fruits of our labor and a little bit of Akihabara directly to you

sumu banner final.jpg

2023 Online Guests

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