Thank you for joining our event and agreeing to our terms and conditions!

  • These conditions keep a coherent platform necessary for our business to facilitate the convention.

  • Our Goal is create a create and facilitate safety while producing entertainment and experience.


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Sin City Anime strives to create a safe and family-friendly environment, and we need everyone's cooperation to do so. There are terms and conditions created to properly handle situations of security, but we also need your help in upholding the standards and encouraging others to do the same.

Lets keep in mind the elements of anime that we all love, the ones that bring us all together. Feelings of friendship, comradery, and love. Lets represent the best of ourselves and create the best standards for the community.

By purchasing a ticket to the Sin City Anime 2021 event, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions outlined below. Sin City Anime LLC, which will be further referred to as "Sin City Anime", provides these terms and conditions for all who purchase tickets to the Sin City Anime 2021 event, as well as all Sin City Anime attendees. These terms and conditions are meant to ensure the safety and well being of every guest at Sin City Anime, and are subject to change at any time without notice. For the purpose of this agreement, "you", "guests", or "attendees" refers to the individual or entity who purchase(s) the tickets and/or attend the Sin City Anime 2021 event. "We", "us", or "Sin City Anime", means Sin City Anime LLC., and the "parties" refers to both you and Sin City Anime LLC. Questions regarding these terms and conditions can be sent to executive@Sin City

Registration Info

Online Registration for Sin City Anime 2021 is now available on our website at and ends Monday November 16th at 11:59pm.


1. Purchase tickets through online Jotform portal. 
2. Receive confirmation email after purchase. (save this!)
3. Arrive on site at Alexis Park on or after Thursday 11/19 to pickup your physical badge
- you will use your confirmation email AND cross check with your government issued photo ID to pick up your Badge. 
4. Put your badge around your neck or on your person to display for staff and Security.
5. Enjoy your self and create crazy amazing fun experiences at Sin City Anime!


At-con registration will open on Thursday, November 19th, and continue each day of the convention at different operating times. Registration desk hours are as follows:


Day 0  | 12pm - 8pm

Day 1 | 9am - 8pm

Day 2 | 9am - 8pm

Day 3 | 9am - 4pm

Your legal name is required for registration, government issued ID will be used to verify online registration badge pickup.

General Policies


All ages are welcome to Sin City Anime! Attendees ages 15 and below must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during all times of the convention operating hours. Sin City Anime staff and the Safety Response team will enforce this ages standard, and unaccompanied children will be brought to registration where their guardian on file will be contacted to reestablish accompaniment.  According to Las Vegas and Clark County laws, there is a curfew for those under 18. A parent or guardian over the age of 18 is required to accompany his/her child who is under the age of 18 after 9pm on the Las Vegas Strip and after midnight off the Las Vegas Strip.


Sin City Anime badges are the property of Sin City Anime LLC. and are registered and given to attendees as a symbol of event purchase and access to all of the convention features. These badges are registered and used as a reference of personable accountability for Sin City Anime Staff, and therefore making the registered person a Sin City Anime Attendee. Badges may not be modified, copied, or tampered with in any way. Sin City Anime staff holds the right to revoke badges at their discretion.


Our event has the Badge-share feature off for this season. Every attendee needs to be individually registered for safety reasons along with holding a correct standard for convention Attendance. Those breaking this policy will be subject to action from the safety response team and Sin City Anime Directors.


By purchasing from an exhibitor or artist at Sin City Anime, you agree to all the terms that exhibitor or artist may have regarding the sale of that item. It is up to the attendee to ask about any concerns they have, including but not limited to the price of the item and the return policy of an item.


Lost or Stolen badges may be replaced only once at a fee of $30. Registration will use your government issued photo ID to issue the replacement process. Should Sin City Anime LLC find that this policy is being exploited, at our discretion we will terminate this policy.


All ticket sales are final, and refunds will not be offered on any ticket purchases for Sin City Anime. This practices keeps  the convention in a financially stable status for smooth planning and operation.

Refunds will not be given should the event be cancelled due to Acts of God, war, government regulation, disaster, strikes, or any other cause which makes performance impossible or illegal.
HOWEVER Should the event be cancelled for any other reason, Sin City Anime LLC will accept all refund requests given within 6 months after the date of cancellation.

Convention Conduct

Sin City Anime attendees are expected to follow all of Nevada's laws without question. Disruptive behavior or harassment of any sort is subject to security action by the discretion of Sin City Anime's directors and Safety Response Team, along with ultimate action being taken by Alexis Park All Suite Resort Security. Licensed officers and EMT are on sight and 5 minutes away from taking action.
Warnings are given by discretion, but Sin City Anime directors and Safety Response Team hold the right for forcible ejection from the convention, revocation of your Badge and ticket access, blacklisting from future cons and even other 3-rd party convention events, or even criminal charges. (Action taken is solely at the discretion of Sin City Anime, LLC.)

Actions subject to persecution may include but are not limited to: fighting (fake or real), heckling, impeding traffic flow, offensive behavior, harassment, failure to observe basic hygiene, public inebriation/intoxication, or any other failure to follow the rules and directions of staff members.

Privacy and Release

By attending Sin City Anime and physically entering and being within the convention space, you agree to grant Sin City Anime, along with all of its partners and affiliates, the irrevocable right and license to use your name, likeness, speech, and photograph in any advertising or publicity, in any media now or hereafter created, throughout the world. You also agree to release Sin City Anime, and any of its partners and affiliates, from any action or liability of any nature whatsoever that arising from the use of the materials mentioned above.



You agree to abide by our privacy policy, which can be found here. This policy extends to any information we receive from you before, during, or after the convention.