Sin City Anime

2020's Streamed event was super fun and it was a great time to bring the community together. Check out some of that content as we await 2021.

Sin City Anime is a fandom convention that celebrates Anime and Japanese Culture!
 Sin City Anime works to create a Fun, Safe, and Entertaining Fandom Convention for All Ages!
Experience Everything you love About Anime, Cosplay, Video games and pop culture!
  • Special Guests from the Anime industry/fandom
  • Voice Actor Meet and Greets
  • Diverse Exhibitor Hall with Artist Alley and Vendors
  • Pop Culture Panels and Games
  • Cosplay Masquerade, Workshops, and Meetups
  • Sponsored games and activities for kids
  • Expansive Game Hall with Console/Arcade/TCG play
  • Video Game Tournaments
  • Live music performances and Dances
  • 18+ comedy and entertainment

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