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New theme, new team, new Dream!
No matter what happens, Las Vegas will always have an anime convention scene!

This year's event has changed into a FREE online event taking place on the dates of

November 20th-22nd. 

At this point, we are putting out our official announcement that we are at our deadline for safety observation on Covid-19. We will be canceling our physical event this year, we will be hosting a free online event on our current dates instead, and we will reschedule our physical event for the near same time and venue in the year 2021.
Sin City Anime is a fandom convention that Celebrates the wondrous world of Anime!
 Sin City Anime works to create a fun, Safe, and entertaining fandom convention for All Ages!
Experience Everything you love About Anime and Cosplay!
  • Special Guests from the Anime industry/fandom
  • Voice Actor Meet and Greets
  • Diverse Exhibitor Hall with Artist Alley and Vendors
  • Pop Culture Panels and Games
  • Cosplay Masquerade, Workshops, and Meetups
  • Sponsored games and activities for kids
  • Expansive Game Hall with Console/Arcade/TCG play
  • Video Game Tournaments
  • Live music performances and Dances
  • 18+ comedy and entertainment
Do you or someone you know provide services for online events?Click the link below to add suggestions and join our online event
Alongside our base content we are looking to expand our experience with the industry and community. We are looking for services  centered around: performances, anime related content, technical and streaming services, videography/graphics, and general volunteer work that can assist the online event.


Just the first of many. Entertainment is a strong focus for our team, so we are proud to launch with our friends from Japan. They gave an outstanding performance last year, and this year they are the full four band member set!

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