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A Las Vegas local who is 22 years old, but with her baby face she will most likely get carded at every casino until she's 40. Young, spunky, energetic but down to chill. Cherri is Sin City Anime's original Mascot representing the theme and vibe of our convention event. 

Cherri ties together hints of Las Vegas culture with a kawaii / lo-fi aesthetic as her base inspiration. She embodies the youth of Las Vegas, and stands as a relatable young girl who loves attending anime events and conventions. At conventions there are several places you can find her: playing TCG in the game hall with her friends, shopping for kawaii apparel and plushies in the exhibitor hall, learning about the craft with her favorite voice actor's panels, performing her hip-hop styled skit for the masquerade, or rocking and raving at the late night dance. 

Cherri is a creative soul, and loves to coordinate her outfits and cosplay to the theme of the times. In the future years of Sin City Anime, we will take on different themes and alongside us, Cherri will cosplay and represent us with her creative outfits. 

Our beautiful mascot was commissioned and created by one of our artists HideawayMelon





There is some hope rising in the valley as the Las Vegas Convention Center contemplates summer options; the Covid 19 vaccine has created an impact on on public safety. We find ourselves here again with a glimmer of a chance that our winter dates may fall within a safe return phase for the public.

After all the growth and support 2020's online experience brought, we are confident we can begin to prepare for a physical OR online convention experience this year. Safety for our staff, guests, and attendees and following the right example for the community will remain priority #1 in moving forward. We will remain in full observation as the state takes on vaccinations and the reopening of Las Vegas as well as what other conventions begin to do around the sates. We look forward to developing again this year into what our community needs to love anime and bond together, we are humbled by the times yet again but are excited to continue our growth. We hope you will continue to love and support us again this year, and we cannot wait to deliver another phenomenal experience to you all!


Our team is dedicated to the safety of our attendees, and to providing an environment that includes everyone. In that being said, racism will never be tolerated and we look to empower our Safety Response Team for the protection of everyone. We want to be verbal in stating that Black Lives Matter, and we stand along with the world as a reciprocating voice for justice. George Floyd is unfortunately just the most recent act of the silent pandemic of racial injustice. We want to stay conscious of the values we represent to the next generation, and we hope we all can unite in support of one another.

It has been difficult finding our way during this time, but right now it is important to represent values of Love and Peace. If you are able and have any to spare, we would love for you to join our team and donate to a local cause or an organization helping the world right now.

Our team looks forward to donating to the American Civil Liberties Union in part of our effort. https://www.aclu.org/.

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