Black Ros3

With just two members, the BLACKROS3 duo utilizes their skills in multiple instruments to record and layer tracks, as well as inviting guest performers to create powerful and engaging live performances with the essence of that full-band punch. 


We started this group back in 2017 when we decided to move out of state. At the time, both of us had many years of experience in notable anime bands in our area; but the move wouldn’t realistically allow us to keep performing with the close group of band mates we’ve formed. Still wanting to perform, and share our passions of nerdom; we created BLACKROS3 which would allow us to continue playing as a duo wherever we go. 

We wanted to have fun and continue exploring the rocking beats, powerful vocals, and unique songwriting styles used in Japanese music, but we also wanted to introduce our own spin on some of our favorite songs. We adapt our favorite songs to fit our own skills and setup, while making unique twists such as memorable instrumental renditions, and lyric translations. With just a main group of two members, we still strive for that full band experience, so there’s a lot of work we’ll place behind the scenes to make that happen. Sometimes, this includes collaborating with some of the other talented people we’ve met along our journey, but at our core we are multi-instrumentalists who experiment with different instruments both on-stage and in the recording booth to bring our shows to life. You can regularly see Vanessa shuffling between Vocals, Violin, Bass, and Guitar, or listening into Michael’s guitar and bass backing tracks while he’s busting a face-melting solo. We play because it’s our passion, and we hope that our crowd connects with the love that we share for the songs that we play. 

The Name 

BLACKROS3 means a lot of things to us. This ranges from card games, to memorable songs, to some general coolness. A major connection is our love of the Yu-Gi-Oh card game. This interest of ours stems back to our childhoods where Michael competed competitively and Vanessa focused her plant deck around the Black Rose Dragon card. In a more musical connection, Rose by Anna Tsuchiya (from the anime Nana) was a staple song in both of our previous band’s set, and became something we quickly identified to. Lastly, domain names are just hard to find. The 3 in our name doesn’t have much hidden meaning, but we like to think that our special guest performers or our audience can be that special 3rd member that makes each event special. 

Our Mission 

We aim to keep playing and bringing smiles to peoples faces. We want to continue to grow, inspire, and play music that we love. 

Cosplay Masquerade
Our core program schedule is formed, now we need you! Sin City Anime empowers attendees to perform entertainment for the convention with a 3-day badge, program/tech support, and listing in our program guide. Submit your panel submission with the form linked below to perform this year! 
Faye Mata
Don't miss the chip tune throwback Gameboy madness with Decaying Tigers. Catch their many performances around the valley, make sure to follow them on the goods!
Faye Mata
From gaming to voice acting, Faye Mata is an advocate of chasing dreams. She's best known for playing the roles of Aqua (Konosuba), Astolfo/Rider of Black (Fate/Apocrypha), Yukako Yamagishi (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure), and Lulu (League of Legends).

She is also known as Sailor Aluminum Siren (Sailor Moon), Princess Malty (Rising of the Shield Hero), Miyu/Fukaziroh (Sword Art Online: GGO), Rin Hoshizora (Love Live!), Neon Nostrade (Hunter x Hunter), Kagami (Miraculous Ladybug). Some game roles are NiCO (Dead or Alive 6), Lene (Fire Emblem Heroes), and Daria and Lishenna (Shadowverse).

Faye also competed semi-professionally in video game tournaments around the world such as EVO, CEO, and Pokémon Worlds under the gamertag "Princess Aura," the same name she used as a competitor on national reality TV show WCG Ultimate Gamer (SyFy). Faye brings a lot of fun and energy to cons and currently enjoys challenging people to 1v1 battles in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Follow her on Twitter at @FayeMata, and Instagram @fayematata!