We are the continuing force carrying on the torch from Sabakon, and taking Vegas to the top!

We are straying away from the mix fantasy focus, and aligning on our passion, Anime! Look forward to our updates as we build the experience, stack the fun, and prepare a fantastic event for the community!


Our mission is to create and orchestrate an anime convention focused on three values. Entertainment, Inclusion, and Guest Hospitality.

The organization works alongside the other businesses and local leaders to unify and promote our fandom culture, and expand the anime community in Las Vegas.
Our staff is here for the dream. There are staff that have worked with Vegas cons for many years, and there are staff completely new to the industry. What unites us all is our dream to grow into the greatest anime convention of all time, one that our community deserves.

Our Team is focused on providing the greatest entertainment event for anime in the Las Vegas Valley. We all have unforgettable memories created from our experiences at cons.  Sin City Anime will be a unforgettable experience, with something to do for everyone, all ages, all types.


Our attitude towards each other and our guests will reflect love and friendship, and fans will naturally feel invited to join in. We want to include everyone, all the fans, the community should be connected and our environment will bring us together. Sin City Anime is sanctuary for the Anime Fandom.


We hold pride in our knowledge of customer service coming from Las Vegas culture, we stand out compared to conventions in other states because we know how to value our guest. Alongside our Safety Response Team, our team works hard to provide a safe environment for all its Guests. Sin City Anime Staff is empowered to care for our guests and treat them appropriately



At this point, we are putting out our official announcement that we are at our deadline for safety observation on Covid-19. We will be canceling our physical event this year, we will be hosting a free online event on our current dates instead, and we will reschedule our physical event for the near same time and venue in the year 2021. 

Right now Covid-19 conditions are still unpredictable and information varies in reliability. The reopening status of our city has not been successful in demonstrating safety for the community. Although there is always hope for a cure/remedy/prevention within the near future, the nature of our event thrives on gatherings of large numbers of people and right now we should not be that influence in the community. We can all save the in person fun and excitement for another year, and in the meantime work to support and empower each other from a distance.

Support is needed on all fronts, if you have any to spare, Clark County .gov has is a great source for help here in the valley        https://www.clarkcountynv.gov/covid19/Pages/COVID-19-Donations.aspx.


Our team is dedicated to the safety of our attendees, and to providing an environment that includes everyone. In that being said, racism will never be tolerated and we look to empower our Safety Response Team for the protection of everyone. We want to be verbal in stating that Black Lives Matter, and we stand along with the world as a reciprocating voice for justice. George Floyd is unfortunately just the most recent act of the silent pandemic of racial injustice. We want to stay conscious of the values we represent to the next generation, and we hope we all can unite in support of one another.

It has been difficult finding our way during this time, but right now it is important to represent values of Love and Peace. If you are able and have any to spare, we would love for you to join our team and donate to a local cause or an organization helping the world right now.

Our team looks forward to donating to the American Civil Liberties Union in part of our effort. https://www.aclu.org/.

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